Advertorials new, old, thing from the past, and now up and running.

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Advertorials (sponsored articles) are not new. However, for content marketers it represents one of many different promotion channels that can get branded content in front of new audiences. The...

Direct Marketing is communicating directly with consumers by business or organizations using multimedia etc..

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Direct marketing is a form of advertising which allows businesses and nonprofit organizations to communicate directly to customers through a variety of media including cell phone text messaging, email,...

Best Idea for Marketing Campaign ..Read, and Read more


  Edited by eddieadel the Publisher on 08/02/2016 From the 7 Ways to Come Up With More Creative Marketing Campaign Read up on marketing news. Companies are constantly launching new...

Immediately answered….In your Profession, Degree, Skill, Licensed..

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Marketing tips for summer fashion with the chic at the beach and all her fiends Mary, Joe , and Zacharia

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The cutting Edge continue to be “The Word of Mouth”, Getting a customer to recommend your brand online is like gold dust to any marketer

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3 Easy Techniques for Effectively Marketing Your Business


No one ever said running a small business was easy. However, when asked what they find most difficult about being business owners, “branding/marketing” is the top answer for entrepreneurs....


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What about me? See video If that’s the only thing i got and i have to use it for survival. Job or a career, food on the table, paying...

From the Comments log…Encouragement and Beyond appreciation taking the time.


Knock knock knock YOU HAVE A DELIVERY……… What is Social Media Marketing and Why Should You Care? Comment from reader: Finally truly awesome stuff, Looking for this ,Please grow...

The P for price marketing

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Consumers behaviors and the neuroscience marketers after as persuasive strategies.


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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a massive presence in the sport, with its fans and especially in marketing. No one in stock car racing is more marketable. But until he left Dale Earnhardt Inc., Junior didn’t control the rights to his own name. Teresa did, through DEI.


Posted by Adeleddie 05/15/16. Teresa Earnhardt shows no sign of ending battle over rights to Dale’s name Teresa Earnhardt will not let go. For more than a decade she...

The Power of Story teller in Business communications with Customers at best

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High tech communications channels and other means of reaching out to customers such as advertising pamphlets, direct mail, flyers, and handouts are second to Story tellers. It is describe...

Why A Fashion Statement Is Important in: marketing, publicity, and promotions of national and regional artist and brand development campaigns for artists, labels, and events.

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So you’ve got a band, a new album, and a lineup of gigs. What now? Of course music should be the number one priority of musicians, but you should...


America has spoken: Donald Trump is a great marketer. A new study from Emarsys, a marketing software company, found that 37 percent of American think Trump has the most...

The Hidden Value of Content Marketing


The fact that buyers reach your content through varied entry points including search engines, via social networks, and as links from other sites is often overlooked. Many people are...

Love, Passion, Marketing, and Love Marketing Solutions.


I love Marketing so much I became the Master of it. You too must love it and you will explore a different type of career path beyond business as...

Internet trolls attack Old Navy’s interracial ad

interacial ad

Old Navy released an ad with an image of a smiling interracial family wearing their clothes on Friday and some people — shall we call them trolls? — freaked...


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When it comes to designing or re-designing a website, it can be easy to get hung up on the ART AND LOOKS “That shade of blue just doesn’t look right...

Simplifying Marketing Prescriptions is one of essentials

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Look here what this is all about.  Certainly it is not for the common businessmen to read between the lines or have someone explain all that about: Brand Platform...

How Story Platforms Help Global Brands Go Local and Video

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While the current turmoil in Cairo may obscure the post-revolutionary optimism that pervaded the city last winter, that mood was powerful at the time. Despite the chaos in the...

Mon AMI GABI a french bistro for experience dinning


Mon Ami Gabi french bistro and experience dinning among the best fine dinning cafe, restaurant, and dinners you will indulge yourself, family members, and love ones. It is set...

PITA HOT Mediterranean Cafe

fullerton robin

Informal counter-serve cafe specializing in Mediterranean dishes from kebabs to salads.   Basic Listing. In basic Listing client is selected, recommended, In Premium listing we invest our time for...

How Giving Back to Your Community Inspires More Engagement


success comes from serving your market diligently and generously while taking the time to add personal touches. Michael believes in research, knowing your message, giving back to community, more...

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