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From the 7 Ways to Come Up With More Creative Marketing Campaign

Read up on marketing news. Companies are constantly launching new advertising campaigns, some of which are breaking open the stereotypes and challenging the conventions of the industry. The more you know about these ongoing breakthroughs, the more unconventional ideas you’ll be able to work into your campaign. That doesn’t mean you should copy these campaigns, but you can draw inspiration from them. For example, if you hear about a major retailer’s recent guerrilla marketing stunt, you may take that same bravado and apply it to a realm you’re a little more familiar with. Don’t limit yourself to your own industry–there’s a place for this focus as well.

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing

First, let’s identify the basics of the strategy. “Influencer marketing” refers to influencers, which is a broad term describing anyone in your industry who has a noteworthy, influential presence. These are typically CEOs, consultants, and other movers and shakers who have large social media followings, big networks of connections, and most importantly, a captive audience. They may have their own content platforms, or they might post only on social media–what’s important is they carry a lot of weight in your specific circle.

With influencer marketing, you’ll be leveraging this pre-existing system of connections and influence for your own brand’s benefit. Among the benefits of this approach (specifically for SEO and content marketing) include:

  • Increased content reach. Any content you produce that’s shared, replied to, or commented on by an influencer will immediately gain more reach, becoming visible to potentially thousands of new followers and readers.
  • Wider audience growth. Anyone who sees you engaging with an influencer has a higher chance of following you, leading to faster audience growth. A bigger audience means more shares, more links, and of course, more traffic.
  • More authoritative inbound links. Getting noticed by an influencer gives you a chance to earn a link on a very high-authority domain–think of it as a shortcut to earning a link from a high-profile publisher.
  • Additional content opportunities. As you build relationships with more influencers, some of them might volunteer their own content to your blog, giving you more content opportunities for potential development.

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