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Stolen from the Indies Asia back to nowhere liars told about things are important to have necessary not as expensive as already available with little to risk compare to others. You know him Marco Polo and Marine companies, although he was not by himself, many others sail along and back almost faster to deliver the big news about many things they have left behind, and those who brought back with them. Spaghetti factories made up all that different line of noodle product and spices were bottled shipped back to the Indies and Asia with different label and cool looking Italian romantic shape packages. One of kind marine merchant marketer who stole ideas long time ago from elsewhere and used it to resale it back with so much improvement and already accepted in the market niche.

Today continue his legacy of how free trade help everyone marketing important exclusive product in some market to bound elsewhere for mass marketing at extremely less cost for those who can afford it where everyone win.

Out from containers at harbors across United States of America many products exist in high end market produced at high cost and sold with expensive price tags, whereas delivered here to retailers on shelves in about every city for so much less. The couch you sit on, the chair too, and that watch you wearing, including about everything we consume are examples of what continue to be dropped at harbor someplace from a foreign manufacture to be marketed here.

The Television set, and also the entertainment square are both bound marketing from elsewhere for your place with an affordable price in compare to almost the exact same product sold for at least double the price in Europe.

The idea that Swedish Companies can not deliver that product elsewhere for any profit does not limit others from mass marketing the product using bound marketing method. not stolen idea and there is no need to break patented laws and regulations. It serve the purpose like all other features but it is not the same.

Bound marketing have improved the lives of everyone, The need and wants are no longer separated due to the exclusive market hard to reach or and impossible to have it mass marketed.

In the past failure in both product features and marketing niche have set back the US far from anywhere near the foreign consumers. The GTE company with the new hair dryer Selma called on total embarrassment for the use in hotels in Europe with tourist trying to plug the hair dryer in 220 voltage outlet. The American Nova car by Chevy did not go too far in Spain, it set on the dealer floor, no one wanted that car that take you no where, and in france, belgium, Switzerland as well. It took long time to make adjustment to the Hamburgers Stands franchised and corporate owned to balance the act everywhere else but here in the US with american french fries sold in france in comparing to Marco Polo imported noodle for spaghetti sold back in the Indies and Asia. people were just looking at the cut potatoes trying to explain to the kids that is an american thing. Among the long list is the mustard,mayonaise, and ketchup bottles.

What bound marketing from here is a huge success are movies and music CD’s.  Jeans just about as exciting when it comes to the tags it carry on behind the denim. Easy to explain, It is not copy cat stuff. Just traditional make one feel home or elsewhere by wearing the jeans like cowboy country, listening to the tune of the cowboy country, and watching all that bound out of Hollywood we all assume.

You too can be part of this mess by simply log in to the web nowaday and pick choose what you deliver is similar to the bound marketing method all the merchant marines have delivered since day one from everywhere else before and after the West Indies and Asia marine routes was discovered and after its discovery.


eddieadel…from the Marketing Strategies and Methods 360. CSUF assigned for Marketing courses major. 1985.

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