Digital marketing Network and Search Engine Optimization show down in Newport Beach, Orange County California….

Ymarketing Ranking by INC. Magazine 5000 Top companies in 2016  is 3637 with an increase of 86% over 2015 in annual revenues of approximately  $74 Millions .  The digital marketing agency provide alternative choices to the mainstream most dominant advertising and SEO internet providers such as Facebook and Google. With an average of 70 employees, […]


What does ‘Make To Order – MTO’ mean Make to order (MTO) is a business production strategy that typically allows consumers to purchase products that are customized to their specifications. The make to order (MTO) strategy only manufactures the end product once the customer places the order, creating additional wait time for the consumer to […]

Everyone Method Marketing Strategy Every Where Copy Cat Company

Stolen from the Indies Asia back to nowhere liars told about things are important to have necessary not as expensive as already available with little to risk compare to others. You know him Marco Polo and Marine companies, although he was not by himself, many others sail along and back almost faster to deliver the […]

Economic Development (Marketing) Solution.

Came across best marketing tool implemented by cities throughout the United States. Economic Development Representatives are dispatched by cities to conventions of all sorts scouting for companies to be able to move to their business community. Many are out to set up their city booth at a convention where they are marketing the opportunities available […]

6 BestTips For a Successful Marketing Automation Implementation

Marketing automation is a powerful technology platform that provides marketers with a rich set of tools to manage the components of their online marketing programs. But without a successful implementation, companies are less likely to realize the full potential of the software. In many ways, marketing automation software is a lot like CRM software in […]

Advertorials new, old, thing from the past, and now up and running.

Advertorials (sponsored articles) are not new. However, for content marketers it represents one of many different promotion channels that can get branded content in front of new audiences. The word “advertorial” itself is the marriage of the words “editorial” and “advertisement.” Merriam-Webster recognizes the first known use of the word in 1946. Advertorial content has […]

Direct Marketing is communicating directly with consumers by business or organizations using multimedia etc..

Direct marketing is a form of advertising which allows businesses and nonprofit organizations to communicate directly to customers through a variety of media including cell phone text messaging, email, websites, online adverts, databasemarketing, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters and targeted . From the source: Direct marketing Direct marketing is about making direct contact with existing […]