Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a massive presence in the sport, with its fans and especially in marketing. No one in stock car racing is more marketable. But until he left Dale Earnhardt Inc., Junior didn’t control the rights to his own name. Teresa did, through DEI.

Posted by Adeleddie 05/15/16. Teresa Earnhardt shows no sign of ending battle over rights to Dale’s name Teresa Earnhardt will not let go. For more than a decade she has fought tooth and nail to retain exclusive use of the family name as executor of the estate of Dale Earnhardt. Her fight now involves Dale’s eldest […]

Why A Fashion Statement Is Important in: marketing, publicity, and promotions of national and regional artist and brand development campaigns for artists, labels, and events.

So you’ve got a band, a new album, and a lineup of gigs. What now? Of course music should be the number one priority of musicians, but you should also learn how to market your band effectively. And one of the best ways to do this is by creating a signature look for your band. […]

America has spoken: Donald Trump is a great marketer. A new study from Emarsys, a marketing software company, found that 37 percent of American think Trump has the most effective presidential campaign in terms of marketing, the highest mark among the candidates. Why? Acording to Trump’s supporters, Trump says what others believe but are too […]

Internet trolls attack Old Navy’s interracial ad

Old Navy released an ad with an image of a smiling interracial family wearing their clothes on Friday and some people — shall we call them trolls? — freaked out. Many lambasted the San Francisco-based company for showing a mixed race family. Most of the haters threatened to never step foot in the retail store […]

The Benefits of Exercise on Creativity: the ability to make new things or think of new ideas

The Benefits of Exercise on Creativity Written by Jeannie Krill We’ve all been there – you wake up ready to take on the day and sip your morning coffee while listening to some upbeat jazz music. You’re feeling pretty good. As your day progresses, you hit the afternoon slump – or worse, dare I say […]