Everyone Method Marketing Strategy Every Where Copy Cat Company

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3 Easy Techniques for Effectively Marketing Your Business

No one ever said running a small business was easy. However, when asked what they find most difficult about being business owners, “branding/marketing” is the top answer for entrepreneurs. In the more than 30 years I’ve been working with small business owners and writing about small business issues, marketing your business has consistently topped the […]

The Power of Story teller in Business communications with Customers at best

High tech communications channels and other means of reaching out to customers such as advertising pamphlets, direct mail, flyers, and handouts are second to Story tellers. It is describe on top of the list of Forbes Magazine and some of the top communications companies across the States calling on Story Tellers is the power in […]

How Giving Back to Your Community Inspires More Engagement

success comes from serving your market diligently and generously while taking the time to add personal touches. Michael believes in research, knowing your message, giving back to community, more research, and keeping your own inspiration alive by inspiring others. Imaginovation is an exciting web design and development company that thrives on the passion for using […]

Tips on how to turn in hackers to the FBI with help of visitors….The public at large..

We don’t hide behind anything…….Tips to Safeguard against Ransomware Ransomware has been increasingly leveraged by cyber criminals over the past few years to fund their criminal activities. Historically, cyber criminals would have to steal their target’s data, as well as find an avenue to re-sell the data and/or use it in fraudulent ways to make […]

What is Social Media Marketing and Why Should You Care? –

Social Media Marketing Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of marketing a business, individual or product on social networking sites. That’s the academic definition of SMM. For marketers and businesses, a much better definition would be “social media marketing is the process of engaging with clients, customers and users through social media”. Social media […]