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Hi there, hello, about me:

I moved here to do more for us, and to learn more about marketing. Many of us want to do something with marketing anything, from business to personal, if any just the feeling of saying and talking about marketing in association of any subject matter make one feel good that the expression is one unique and carry exquisite business knowledge.

Marketing for me is about sales, advertising, distribution, public relation, promotion, packaging, pricing, of course now days online and internet including social media, and it begin with a product as of either creating or innovating and it end with it from  A to Z of the type of product if tangible or none. Marketing of the presidential candidate is one product and selling water to anyone anywhere is marketing a tangible product. Many are successful marketing life insurance and travel packages, and there are those who did very well marketing Beauty products, health and fitness, and slowing age products.

Tangibles are tested and tasted products for customers prior to make a purchase or a final decision on signing an agreement to accept the purchase based on the terms. Products of this category are much easier for marketing because buyers have the high percentage of needs and necessity than intangibles  or none tangibles. Intangibles are those products that buyers purchased based on marketing statements by people and companies such as traveling packages, computer software, life insurance, and time share.

The best part of Marketing yet to be identified and it is infinite in both creation and agreement. In creation most because there is more than one person born every second and we are of unlimited DNA, and finally i have seen so much of different (opinions) sort of speak about what exactly is and is not in marketing to settle the disagreements.


It is of a footnote to have explain marketing in more easy and simple way that we share this part of an article from he Harvard Business Review about Marketing Tangibles and Intangibles:

Importance of Impressions

Common sense tells us, and research confirms, that people use appearances to make judgments about realities. It matters little whether the products are high priced or low priced, whether they are technically complex or simple, whether the buyers are supremely sophisticated in the technology of what’s being considered or just plain ignorant, or whether they buy for themselves or for their employers. Everybody always depends to some extent on both appearances and external impressions.


Nor do impressions affect only the generic product itself—that is, the technical offering, such as the speed, versatility, and precision of the lathe; the color and creaminess of the lipstick; or the appearance and dimensions of the lobster thermidor. Consider, for example, investment banking. No matter how thorough and persuasive a firm’s recommendations and assurances about a proposed underwriting and no matter how pristine its reputation for integrity and performance, somehow the financial vice president of the billion-dollar client corporation would feel better had the bank’s representative not been quite so youthfully apple-cheeked.

The product will be judged in part by who offers it—not just who the vendor corporation is but also who the corporation’s representative is. The vendor and the vendor’s representative are both inextricably and inevitably part of the “product” that prospects must judge before they buy. The less tangible the generic product, the more powerfully and persistently the judgment about it gets shaped by the packaging—how it’s presented, who presents it, and what’s implied by metaphor, simile, symbol, and other surrogates for reality.

So, too, with tangible products. The sales engineers assigned to work with an electric utility company asking for competitive bids on a $100 million steam boiler system for its new plant are as powerfully a part of the offered product (the promise) as is the investment banking firm’s partner.

The reason is easy to see. In neither case is there a product until it’s delivered. And you won’t know how well it performs until it’s put to work.

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